"Reaching out to the prisons, to the handicapped, the blind,
the deaf and dumb, widows of pastors, the poor and the sick on a constant basis."

Healing Jesus Compassion Outreach 2014

Season 2 of the 2014 Healing Jesus Campaign saw the team in a total of 5 towns in Togo (Sokode and Kara) and Benin (Parakou, Bohicon and Abomey Calavi).

There were outreaches in 3 of these towns where prisons, schools for the underprivileged and orphanages received spiritual nourishment through the word of God and salvation as well as physical sustenance from the Evangelist through the Healing Jesus Compassion Outreach team.


The compassion team visited the Solinyogobu Orphanage in Sokode. This was founded by the pastor of Assemblies of God in the town. He started with 2 children; a 3-year old boy (now 15) and a 2-year old (now 14) whom he supported in his home for several years. He found some sponsors at a conference in France who built their current accommodation in Sokode.

Today, the orphanage serves as a home for 20 children under the age of 3; the youngest is a 2 week old baby who was abandoned in front of the home. There are also 19 children between the ages of 4-15years.

A team of Reverend Ministers and Missionaries encouraged and prayed powerfully for the children and their carers.


3 bags of rice,

1 carton of soap,

20 litres of oil, 

A few drinks and

Some biscuits for the children.

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The team visited three places in Parakou.

1. Ruth Centre: a special home founded by the wives of Assemblies of God Pastors for women in difficult circumstances most of which include; Forced Child Marriages, Orphans, Children from Impoverished Homes and Young Prostitutes. Here the girls are taken through a 3-year curriculum and taught some basic skills to help them sustain themselves. They are also taught from the word of God.

The school is non-fee paying and run by donations and sales from items produced by the girls, including knitted baby clothes and traditional woven scarves for women. Some girls are also taught hairdressing.


3 bags of rice

2 gallons of oil

1 carton of soap and

1 carton of spaghetti

To a Total of 83 people in the home.

2. Caleb Orphanage: this was started in 2002 by a pastor who died 3 years ago. It has a total number of 4 staff members who care for 19 children between 3-15years. The orphanage is run by donations from pastors and other benevolent visitors. Facilities are quite run down and supervision of the children is inadequate.


2 bags of rice,

20 liters of cooking oil and

Some soap.


3. Prison: The team of four missionaries and Reverend Ministers preached and prayed for a group of prisoners, mainly the supervisors of the cells.


Books and drugs for the infirmary for the prison, which has 580 inmates and 15 supervisors.

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The Compassion team visited a small Home and school for the Blind. It started in 2005 with disadvantaged blind children from different circumstances. They live in an old mud house with leaking roof, which has 2 small dormitories with classrooms attached, and a very dilapidated little kitchen. There are 5 members of staff now who take care of 13 blind or partially blind children between the ages of 5-14years.


Books for the proprietor,

2 bags of rice,

1 bag of sugar,

20 Liters of cooking oil,

Tomato paste and

1 carton of soap.

The Evangelist's team of ministers prayed for the children, and encouraged the carers. 

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