"Reaching out to the prisons, to the handicapped, the blind,
the deaf and dumb, widows of pastors, the poor and the sick on a constant basis."

Healing Jesus Compassion Outreach 2013

Evangelist Dag and the Healing Jesus Campaign team were privileged to be in 6 different countries (Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana) in 2013, in 20 towns to share the word, pray for the sick and reach out to the people in other ways.



The Healing Jesus Compassion Outreach visited a School for the blind in Ganta. The school also serves as home for the children because many of them were abandoned by their families. There are 11 children with the youngest being 4 years old. The 3 instructors the school has are also blind and the schools’ matron/cook who has low vision. The children slept on the bare floor and shared the very few plates and buckets the school had.

The Evangelist was represented by 4 missionaries who shared the gospel with the children and prayed for them.

20 Mattresses,

10 bags of Rice (25 kg),

5 gallons of Cooking oil (12Litre),


Cups and


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1. Prison

We visited the Gbarnga Central prison which had 80 inmates and 10 officers. The prisoners were serving various sentences from theft to murder. We met 2 female prisoners who were in for life because of murder. The inmates suffered from several ailments, including, chronic myalgias, anemia and fungal skin infections to name a few.

The medical team held a clinic in the premises for the prisoners and staff, and medications were dispensed free of charge to inmates. Medications given included antibiotics, anti-helminthics, triple action skin ointments, eye and ear drops, analgesics and hematinics.

Each prisoner also received a Pack of Hot Food and Books from the Evangelist.

2. Leprosarium

We went to a Leprosarium in the outskirts of Gbarnga. It started before 1970 according to the oldest member.

The lepers have formed a colony there and lived with their families. The colony is situated in a clearing in the forest where they also had a school for the children. Quite a number of the lepers especially the older ones had the disfiguring effects of the disease. The colony has 304 adults and over 170 children living there.


80 bags of Rice (1 bag per home)

480 bars of Soap (6 bars per home)

80 gallons of Oil (1 gallon per home)



1. Prison

We visited the Kakata Central Prison, which houses 61 inmates, mainly pre-trial detainees. All inmates are male.
Donation: Each inmate received a Plate and Cup and a Hot Pack of Food

2. We visited 2 orphanages:
The first had 52 children and is run by a lady pastor who is also a widow. Her husband had died in 2012.

The Children are between the ages of 3 and 16years. Some of these children lost family in the war.
Donation: 15 bags of rice, 10 gallons of oil (10L gallons), 180 bars of washing soap, 14 Mattresses, 60 cups, 60 plates and 60 spoons

The second orphanage was situated on the outskirts of Kakata. It was started by a man called Peter Sakylon and his wife during war with 6 children. They had 60 children aged between 3 and 18years. There is a school attached to the orphanage where the orphans are taught. When they reached 18years they left the orphanage.

The staff includes 3 teachers, 2 cooks and 3 caregivers.

They received monthly food rations from Christian Aid Foundation, 8 bags of rice some cornmeal and beans but this is insufficient, so Mrs Sakylon has a rice farm to supplement the rice.

They children were clearly very excited at our visit and gifts. The presentation was done by members of the Compassion Team and Ps Maurice of Kakata.

15 bags of Rice,

10 gallons of Cooking Oil,

20 Mattresses,

Washing soap,

Cups & Plates and

50 Buckets.



The Evangelist led the Compassion Outreach team to visit the Buchanan Central Prison. The prison housed 80 inmates who were murderers, rapists, armed robbers etc. Some of the prisoners were serving life terms. Many were pre-trial detainees.
The Evangelist preached to them after a brief tour of the facility. He was accompanied by Bishop Francis Sarpong, Bishop Ogoe and 4 missionaries.


The Evangelist gave each prisoner 3 pocket size books, including the Gospel salvation book.

In addition each prisoner received a first aid pack: Pain killers, skin ointment, multivitamins and dewormer tablets and a pack of hot food.


The Healing Jesus Campaign was in 5 towns in Guinea. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills preached powerfully in each of these towns and prayed for the sick. In addition to reaching out to the spiritual needs of the people, the compassion Outreach also ministered to some physical needs of the people.

With a population of over 10 million, a 2012 survey showed that 139,200 children suffer from acute malnutrition, 609,696 from chronic malnutrition and further 1,592,892 suffer from anemia. Degradation of care practices, limited access to medical services, inadequate hygiene practices and a lack of food diversity explain these levels.


There were three outreaches here: We visited an orphanage, Blind community and the Prisons

1. Orphanage:

Population: 23 children, 3 of them aged less than a year.

Donation: 5 Mattresses, 5 (50kg) bags of rice, 2 cups of salt, 1 carton of milk, 24 cups, 24 plates, 24 spoons, biscuits and assorted medications, including paracetamol syrup, de-wormer tabs and syrup, cough medication, multivitamin syrup and tablets and triple action skin ointment.

2. Blind Community

The community consisted of 11 families living together with, at least one blind adult per household. In 8 of the households, both husband and wife were blind. They almost all were blind as a result of cataracts or glaucoma. They lived together, with their children and other close relatives and looked after each other- by farming and making and selling baskets.


5 bags of Rice (50kg each) and

5 gallons Oil (10L each)

3. Prisons

Population: 204 inmates

The Evangelist preached the gospel to them and many gave their lives to Christ.

Each inmate received a hot plate of rice and beef stew.

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1. Prisons

Population: 96 inmates and 11 officers

Donation: each prisoner received a plate of hot food and a cold drink

2. Orphanage

Population: 15 children between the ages of 7-17 years


Medication including cough mixture, anti-malaria, dewormers, paracetamol and multivitamins for adults and children.


1. Prison

Population: 59 inmates and 11 officers

Donation: The outreach provided hot meals for 70 people.

In addition, a clinic was held within the prison by the medical doctors, who are a part of the HJC team. The commonest ailments encountered were skin rashes, myalgia, anemia and malnutrition.

2. Orphanage

The team visited an orphanage owned by Madame Marie Simone. She started the orphanage 29years ago because she had no children of her own.

She single handedly took care of 55 orphans between 3-25 yrs of age. The older children helped her in taking care of the younger ones.


Soap for bathing and washing,




Rice (50kg bags),

10 lamps and


Sierra Leone

In Sierra Leone, the Healing Jesus Campaign was in two towns, Bo and Makeni. We had a Compassion Outreach in one town.


The Outreach visited an amputee camp. The Evangelist was represented by 3 missionaries and some other members of the team.
Population: 21 single limb or double limb amputees.

Each of the 21 amputees received 200,000 Leones and a torch with batteries worth $10.

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Cote d'Ivoire

The team visited the RHEMA REHABILITATION CENTER - a branch of an NGO based in Spain. Daloa branch started in 2005, and now has 30 inmates with three carers.

The staff reaches out in ghettos to drug addicts, alcoholics, Ex-prisoners, parents with delinquent children, orphans, street children, mentally retarded etc.
In Daloa the rehab is basically through prayer and teaching of the word of God for 3-4 months. After this period some are taught a trade or returned to their family.
The centre depends on donations from well wishers like the Evangelist, and receive an annual donation from their parent organization. Occasionally, they literally go a-begging to feed themselves.
Rev Kofi Ashiboe Mensah, missionary from Trinidad delivered the Evangelist’s word of hope to the inmates.
The team made a donation on the Evangelist's behalf of:
10 mattresses, Some rice, oil, tomato paste and soap. They also received some medication(multivitamin, paracetamol, triple action cream and dewormers).

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1. CAFOM Home

The Compassion Outreach visited Christ Welcomes And Molds the Outcast (CAFOM): " LA PROVIDENCE DE CHRIST". This is a special Home which was started by and Evangelist Madam Veronique Litié in December 1999 for children with difficulties, from broken homes and orphans. She started with 4 children but now has 10 living with her now in the Home between the ages of 10 and 6 years.

1 bag of rice, 10 pillows, plates, bowls and cups, 10 liters of oil, and other provisions.

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2. Gagnoa National Prison

This prison was started in 1971. There was one female prisoner. The youngest person is 11years old  and was there for theft and the oldest was 43years old.

Population: 187 inmates

220 packs of hot food (jollof rice and fish) with cold water,

Books written by the Evangelist (Born Again and Gospel Salvation – 300 copies each) and Medication (anti-malarial, analgesics, multivitamins and skin ointment).

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We visited a Prison of 138 inmates, 4 of who were minors and 3 females. 98 officers run the facility.
200 packs of hot food (Jollof rice with chicken or fish) with cold water, and
250 books written by Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills.

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The compassion team paid a visit to Ecole de sourd de la Côte d’Ivoire, Cote d’Ivoire School for the deaf.

This school was founded by a black American missionary called Foster in 1974. He however handed the over school to the Ivorian government in 1982 and left. He later died in a plane crash in 1992.
The mode of teaching is primarily the word of God and the sign language. The director was grateful for the visit and to the Evangelist because, it was the first time a man of God had visited the school since the departure of the founder.
The school's population is 215 with 140 boarders. 98% of the pupils are orphans and they are aged between 4 and 15 years.
The Evangelist was represented by: Bishop Emmanuel Nterful, Bishop Joel, Bishop Kwasi Ampofo and Rev & Mrs Ekuban.

3 bags of rice, 2 gallons of oil, Medication (anti malaria, paracetamol and multivitamin syrup)

The school also received 250 copies each of 2 books written by Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills (Born Again and Gospel Salvation).

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Burkina Faso

Bobo Dioulasso

The outreach visited LE NID (the nest), an Orphanage founded in 1999 by a French Missionary, Madam Denise Allard. She died in June 2011.

These children were abandoned by their families after the death of their mothers because of stigmatization, HIV/AIDS etc.

There are 30 children between the ages of 0-4 years and a staff of 45, all volunteers.
Most of the children return to their living families after counseling or given up for adoption by age 4.


50 kg bag of rice, 25 kg sugar, some toothpaste and soap, milk and other provisions.
They also received 10 chairs.

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