"I was in Prison

and you came to visit Me..."

Hope Outreach

Agbogbloshie police station after 4Prisons in Ghana are overcrowded and under-resourced, with poor medical and sanitary facilities and not enough beds or bedding and many inmates sleep on bare floors.In addition to the prisons that hold prisoners, many remand prisoners and suspects are held in overcrowded police cells, located in almost all police stations in the country.

Evangelist Dag Heward- Mills is committed to ministering to prisoners and rectifying some of the poor conditions under which prisoners are kept. In addition he firmly believes that even the most hardened of criminals, or troubled offenders, can be touched and changed forever by the power and love of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. Read more...    

hope outreach2016 2Ministering to Prisoners at Christmas

This project seeks to provide hope for people in custody at police station cells (known as counter-back) in the Greater Accra municipalities.

On Christmas day 2016, we visited some prisoners in the Accra Metropolis. We visited a total of 545 prisoners in 27 different police station cells (known as counter-back). This was achieved with the help of willing volunteeres who visited the different police stations assigned to them. In addition to receiving a free book, HOW TO BE BORN AGAIN AND AVOID HELL, written by Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, each person was given a pack of hot food, water and and a cold drink after the word of God had been preached to them. Many gave their lives to Christ. The inmates were full of appreciation for the Evangelist. They were happy that they had been remembered at Christmas. See more...


Reaching Lives Behind Bars

Between March and September in 2016, our outreaches have affected 3847 inmates and station officers across 26 police stations,namely Korle-Bu, Mamprobi, James Town, Chorkor, Agbogblioshie, Kaneshie, Odorkor, Dansoman and Tesano, to mention a few. We shared the word of God with the inmates and also gave them free books from Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills. Each person also received hot packed lunch with cold drinks.

Some of them testified of how the visits have affected them both physically and spiritually. It has inspired hope and reassurance to those who had a feeling of abandonment and despair due to neglect by family members. We have had tremendous support from volunteers who are also church members.  See more...

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Christmas Blessings in 2014

The 25th of December 2014 brought us many blessings as we visited 25 police cells scattered across Accra. We gave the inmates a pack of food each, a drink and a book from Bishop Dag Heward-Mills. We shared the gospel with them and some were saved. There were smiles on many faces as they experienced the love of God on Christmas Day. 

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 11Bringing Hope and Healing to Nsawam Prisons

The Help the Helpless Charity, under Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, had a medical outreach to the Nsawam Prison on Friday the 11th, and Saturday the 12th of December, 2015. The team of 30 people, headed by Dr Naabea Enin, comprised of doctors, nurses, medical students and administrators. 

Over 2,800 inmates were seen, including females, inmates from the condemned cells, and a few officers. Free drugs were given for conditions like malaria, respiratory tract infections, skin conditions, hypertension, amongst others. 

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